Friday, July 16, 2010

Change is Never Easy

When a Beloved Pastor is Reassigned

  With many reassignments happening this time of year, this article seemed fitting. This also hits close to home as my own parish of Holy Name is welcoming our new pastor this weekend. Change is never easy, espicially when the exiting priest did so much for the spiritual health of his flock and brought back so many to the sacraments in only 5 years. But, as the article states, Christian faith is not based on the personality and actions of any one person, no matter how holy and good he might be.
   A parish is more than a pastor, its ministries, its charisims, or its after-Mass coffee. It's our faith in Jesus Christ and the fact that everything does stem from and go to Him. Of course it is never easy, but Jesus never said that it would be.

   Please pray for my parish, the priests, and all of the parishes who are dealing with reassignments this summer.

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